Ordering & Payment

Step 1: Place the desired item in the shopping cart

Go to the item you want to order and choose the right color if necessary. Click on “Add to cart” next to the product when you have clicked on your product.

You now have two choices, continue shopping or complete your order.

When you are done shopping, click on the shopping cart at the top right. Here you can also check the content of your shopping basket and adjust it if desired.

Then, if you have checked everything, click on the button> Continue to checkout.

Step 2: Provide personal information

To process your order, enter the requested personal details here, including your name, address and e-mail address.

You enter your billing address.

You can choose to specify a different delivery address.

Step 3: Payment method

Then choose a payment method. You can choose from: iDEAL, Paypal or bank transfer.

The advantage of paying with iDEAL or Paypal is that we can deliver all the items in stock directly to you.

If a prepayment invoice is offered from our service department, the items are not immediately reserved.

After making the payment, the order is final and from that moment the items are reserved. After your payment you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

Step 4: Check and confirmation

Check the overview of your order. Is everything correct? Then continue with the ordering process. Do you want to make an adjustment? Which can. Adjust the part and continue with the ordering process.

Step 5: Make payment

If your order is so complete and correct, you can start making the payment.

Before you pay, you indicate that you agree with our terms and conditions.

Then click on the> place order button.

Your order will now be placed and this will make the order final.