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Flow Amsterdam brings happy products for the kids’ rooms and nurseries. All products are easy to use and make life a bit more fun! Flow is powered by a enthousiastic team of product designers, marketeers and creative people. All dedicated in bringing new products that put a smile onto your face.

Smoke detectors

Our story began with a range of unique smoke detectors: shaped as adorable little animals or a birdhouse, they suit perfectly in different interior styles and kids´ rooms. The first “products that put a smile on your face” were born.

Night lights

The next year we presented a range of creative bed lights. These rechargeable lights can switch between colors in the most intuitive way possible: just tap or shake the light, easy for even the smallest kids! All the bad dreams will go away with a Flow night light!

Flow Amsterdam

At this moment Flow Amsterdam brings a stylish collection of Bed Lights, Interior Lights, Heartbeat Comforters, Smoke detectors and Sleeptrainers. And our team is creating new products as we speak, more is yet to come!